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August 24, 2015

Four Years at Gubbio:  Interviews with Tina and Emma

Tina Christopher, Gubbio’s Program Manager, started with us as a volunteer while she was in a program.  In Aug, 2011, in recognition of her unparalleled ability to engage our guests and de-escalate situations, and her energy and love for the work, she was hired as a part-time Hospitality Monitor.  A year later, having become indispensable to the Project, she was offered and accepted a full-time position.  In Sept of 2014, she was promoted to Program Manager.

Emma Fenton-Miller, Gubbio’s Development Associate, came to the Project in August of 2011 as a full-time Mennonite Volunteer.  Upon the completion of her year of service, in recognition of her passion for the Project; her love of food, guests, and volunteers; and her keen insight into people and systems, she was hired part-time and assumed the duties of Breakfast Coordinator, Outreach, and Assistant Development – all of those jobs on 25 hours a week!  In Aug 2015, she was promoted to Development Associate (and graciously handed off her other duties).

What is your favorite thing about working here?

Tina: The opportunity to love so many people.

Emma: The people who work here do so out of their own moral integrity.  It is a staff of strong ethics.  There is a diversity of beliefs, but each is encouraged to think about what one’s ethics are and to act out of that.

Is there an instance or a conversation that stayed with you and has made a difference in your life?

Tina: The comment that someone left in our suggestion box that said, “If it were not for this place, my life would have ended 2 weeks ago.  Especially Tina.”  Every day I get affirmation that the work that I am doing matters in people’s lives, but that note and that person, have really stuck with me.

Emma: The story that a guest told me and I wrote about – his mother had kicked him out of the house when he was 17 by pointing a shotgun at him saying that he was gay and needed to get out.  He’s been homeless ever since, and he is 47 now. It makes me reflect on the negative and positive impact we can have on people by accepting or rejecting them.

You are both very talented women!  Why do you stay at Gubbio?

Tina: It is my calling.  This is where I am supposed to be.  I enjoy it – there is no begrudging or resisting.  I welcome my calling.  I love that I love my calling!

Emma: for the people and the community.  And the approach (staff is a team; the approach is collaborative)

What is your favorite part of the church building?

Tina: The back of the church … where “church” happens, where the people are, and where I feel the spirit.  It’s not about the building; it about the humanity.

Emma: I didn’t grow up Catholic, so I like seeing the people in the pews with the “high church” aspect of the statues and the images.  I like the reverential space – the juxtaposition of the people with the beauty all around them.



Team Gubbio protesting the right to rest at the Powell Bart Station.
10995755_793310167422741_606734768410725426_o Board Member Dell and Hospitality Monitor Carlos installing new sinks in our bathrooms.
Laura DemArillac Kids


 Executive Director, Laura Slattery, handing out Christmas gift bags made by DeMarillac Students.

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