The Gubbio Project


Martin Sheen Returns to Gubbio!

An eclectic crowd that included Franciscan brothers and sisters, local business leaders, young Catholics, aging activists, hipsters and the homeless celebrated the 10-year anniversary of The Gubbio Project on March 27 at a fundraiser that included an on-stage conversation between Gubbio founders and longtime supporter actor Martin Sheen.

According to executive director Laura Slattery, approximately 250 supporters paid $100 each to attend the fundraiser held at the Kelly Cullen Community Center; another 40 volunteers and participants of the program were guests.
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“Those we Fear”

Fear of people who are living on the streets is a very real thing. When I have talked with other churches about the possibility of them allowing homeless people to sleep on the pews of their church, their first response is often fear. There is the fear of what the neighbors and/or parishioners would think and do; fear for the schoolchildren, and of the parents’ reaction, if there is a school; and fear of the drug use by some of the homeless folks.
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Location & Hours

St. Boniface Church
133 Golden Gate
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415.861.5848
Hours of Operation:


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