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March 19, 2015

The Gubbio Project Reaches Out to Archdiocese on Aiding Homeless

Like many homeless advocates, people of faith, and San Francisco residents, we at The Gubbio Project were shocked and disappointed to learn of the decision to use sprinklers at St. Mary’s Cathedral to discourage our homeless brothers and sisters from taking refuge there.  The Cathedral has been a strong ally in ministering to the City’s homeless individuals, and for many years, has opened its doors to 100 homeless men each winter in cooperation with the San Francisco Interfaith Council.  We agree with Bishop Justice that the decision to use those sprinklers was ill-conceived, and we were gladdened by the decision to dismantle and cease using them at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Faith charges adherents to meet the needs of the poor and the disenfranchised.  The Gubbio Project understands better than most the complications that arise when the demands of faith intersect with the place where we practice that faith.  At The Gubbio Project, with the blessing of the pastor and parishioners of St. Boniface Catholic Church in the Tenderloin, we open the doors of the church every weekday to our unhoused neighbors.  Through our Sacred Sleep program, The Gubbio Project provides a safe and welcoming space for our homeless neighbors to take shelter, sleep and rest in church pews during hours in which most of the city’s evening shelters are closed.  The Gubbio Project welcomes approximately 300 guests per day, with an average of 100 people sleeping at any time.

To the Archdiocese, to San Franciscans, and to Catholics everywhere, we want to present a model that shows that the church—the very space of the church itself—can be used to protect and minister to the city’s homeless population in a manner that is safe, quiet, and that respects the dignity of all who enter through our doors.  While not a solution to homelessness, it is a first step in healing that is needed by so many living on the streets.

As a next step, we have reached out to the Archdiocese of San Francisco and encouraged them to consider implementing Gubbio’s model at St. Mary’s Cathedral, or at any parish in San Francisco that is frustrated and wants to do more for those who are literally seeking refuge in our doorsteps.  We have a highly trained and experienced staff who stand ready to assist the Archdiocese of San Francisco to find a way to answer Christ’s call to treat the least among us with humanity and compassion.


Lucas V. Muñoz, Chair, Board of Directors – (917) 547-9620

Laura Slattery, Executive Director – (510) 882-0661


Team Gubbio protesting the right to rest at the Powell Bart Station.
10995755_793310167422741_606734768410725426_o Board Member Dell and Hospitality Monitor Carlos installing new sinks in our bathrooms.
Laura DemArillac Kids


 Executive Director, Laura Slattery, handing out Christmas gift bags made by DeMarillac Students.

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