"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."

                 —St. Francis
Gubbio Featured in San Francisco Magazine

An excerpt from the article, "Arise, Tenderloin":
On a warm San Francisco night this past September, I dropped my daughter off at Hotel Nikko on Mason and Ellis for a performance by one of her musical theater idols at Feinstein's. There were probably a hundred people circling the streets looking for parking, but I had my secret spot: Driving two blocks south on Mason, deep into the wounded but still-beating heart of the Tenderloin, I turned right on Turk and parked 10 feet from the corner.

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Gubbio Featured on Catholic Radio

Listen to the Laura Slattery's interview on Catholic Radio's "Archbishop Hour" in it's entirety below.
Project Gubbio at St. Boniface: sanctuary of sleep

An excerpt from the article which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle:

The ornately painted ceiling, stained-glass windows, huge marble columns and organ pipes high above the wooden pews could make St. Boniface Church a stop on any San Francisco tourist's must-see list. But the loud snores and incense burned to help cover pungent smells quickly indicate this isn't your standard sanctuary.

For the homeless people who enter the Tenderloin church at 6 a.m., it's something even more sacred: a place to stretch out and enjoy hours of safe, uninterrupted sleep.

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Christmas in the Tenderloin: The homeless and friends break bread together - and break down barriers

An excerpt from the article which appeared in Catholic San Francisco:

It's been a few years since James Gardner worked as a United Airlines flight attendant, but as he was polishing off his plate of pancakes and fruit that the volunteers from The Gubbio Project had served up at the St. Boniface cafeteria the other day it reminded him of what the airline had drilled in him: customer service.

"They were looking for genuineness that wasn't forced," said Gardner, who put in 20 years at United before trying multimedia design and, now, homelessness - although he prefers to call it his "adventure."

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Martha Arbouex's pilgrim's path to the Tenderloin

An excerpt from the article which appeared in Catholic San Francisco:

It was disconcerting enough for Martha Arbouex when her parish, Sacred Heart, in San Francisco's Western Addition, was closed after Christmas 2004, in need of an $8 million seismic retrofit while the number of its parishioners dwindled.

On top of that, Arbouex and the other Sacred Heart faithful, predominantly African-Americans, had to go church shopping - getting a sense of other parishes and which among them would be a good fit. St. Boniface Church in the Tenderloin was the pick, but it wasn't Arbouex's choice.

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